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ACRY POWDER COVER Cover Modelling Powder



339101. PINK

Made in Italy

Acry-Powder Initial Line is the camouflage modelling powder polymer. Mixed with the Acry-Liquid monomer allow to build sculptured artificial nails. Easy to apply is perfect to hiding flaws, extend the nail bed and create the French manicure on all types of nail, allowing shorter processing times than traditional acrylics. Natural effect, no lifting and high color stability guaranteed.

Available in 2 colors.

Capacity: 35 g - 1,23 fl. oz.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE To prepare the nail: 1 - Disinfect the client's hand with the sanitizing solution. 2 - Pushing back the cuticles with the cuticle pusher. 3 - Clean thoroughly around the cuticles removing all residues. 4 - Buff carefully the entire surface of the nail plate with a white block. 5 - Remove carefully all the dust produced with an appropriate brush. 6 - Apply a layer of Nail Prep and allow to dry by air for about 10 seconds. 7 - Apply a layer of Ultrabond and allow to dry by air for about 30 seconds. Leave the tacky layer produced after drying. To prepare the brush: 1 - Pour a small amount of monomer into the cup. 2 - Prepare the brush by dipping it in the monomer to wet the bristles and remove all the air possibly trapped, which could cause bubbles in the final result. 3 - Wipe the brush on the appropriate place mat. To create a bead: 1 - Dip the brush into the monomer and wipe the excess liquid off on the side of the dappen dish. 2 - Touch the tip of the brush into the powder to create the desired sized bead. 3 - Allow the monomer to saturate the powder. The bead should be medium sized and have a round, smooth and satin finish. To create the extension with a nail form: 1 - Place a bead of white (White Acry-Powder) on the middle of a nail form of what will become the nail extension. 2 - Begin pushing the product to the natural free edge, working it towards the sides of the “smile line”. 3 - Lightly brush and pat the product from side to side to create the width, length and thickness of the extension edge. 4 - View the nail from different angles to make sure the extension is uniform across the natural nail. 5 - Define the shape of the “smile line” by using the tip of the brush into a point and pushing along the back side of the “smile line” to tuck the product into place. This will create a lip that will act as a barrier keeping the pink (Pink Acry-Powder) from being dragged over the “smile line”. Far tip overlay: 1 - Pick up a medium size bead of clear (Clear Acry-Powder) or pink (Pink Acry-Powder) powder and place in the center of the nail plate. 2 - Tap the product gently, moving it along the cuticles but being sure not to touch the skin. 3 - Feather the remaining product toward the free edge. 4 - Press the bead to flatten and pat to smooth the product. 5 - Feather with the nail extension and cover the tip. Continue in this way untiI the entire section is covered and smooth. 6 - Place another bead in the middle of the nail, slightly above the “smile line”. This area will be the highest point of the finished nail and will provide extra support in this stress area. 7 - Flatten the brush and work the product from side to side. 8 - Work the product up to, but not over the smile line and extend the polymer over the free edge. 9 - View the nail from different angles to ensure the application is uniform compared to the natural nail. Finishing: 1 - Allow the product to cure completely by air and then file the nails to the desired shape. 2 - File along the lateral walls of each nail, being sure to line up the cuticle area and free edge. 3 - File along the cuticles using rounded motions and working toward the center of the nail. Make sure the nails are thin, even and consistent. Note: product should be filed thin around the cuticle area so lifting does not occur. 4 - Buff the nails to a high shine finish or apply Xtreme Shine and cure in UV/LED lamp (36 Watt) for 4 min/2 min to complete the work. If using a lower wattage source, cure for an additional 1-2 minutes. Warnings: Do not expose the product to excessive light or sources of heat. Avoid contact with the skin as the product could irritate. In case of allergic reactions, suspend the use. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed, irritating to eyes, hold and open the container with care, do not inhale the powders, avoid contact with skin and eyes, in case of insufficient ventilation wear an appropriate respiratory device.